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      Healing ‘by way of nourishment and not by way of knowledge only’ Jason Shulman

      Creating space for an open-hearted relationship between healer and the one receiving the healing 

      Awakening in the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of life


"Ultimately, healing involves unlearning the patterns that block our natural openheartedness from shining forth. We don't need help to open our hearts. We need help to get out of our own way." -Jason Shulman, Founder of A Society of Souls


      The Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is a spiritual healing based on 13th Century wisdom,  contemporary psychological insights,  and the latest theories in quantum physics.  


      By committing ourselves to the continual process of our unfolding perceptions of reality, we are being guided through a transformational journey that eventually brings us to our true nature. Deeply nurturing, Nondual Healing creates for us an intimate space, where we are allowed to bring and accept all that we are, in a conscious relationship with Reality as it is. 

      In this rich transformational process we bring our broken-hearts to the Nondual Table and we continue to open ourselves while feeling held and safe, creating a new home for our difficult parts, fears and human limitations. By naming them we include them in our wholeness for our own individuality to be celebrated. 

      The result of this work is the creation of spaciousness for the Self, helping us become less reactive to or overwhelmed by the inevitable challenges of our collective lives. We arrive at a place so great where our history is not the only voice, being aware of our humanity as we explore the infinite possibilities of the Unknown. 


Until, finally, we are life itself.” Jason Shulman

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