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Updated: Mar 15

My dear ones,

Throughout this human Journey, we often overlook the fact that we are each under a protective shield. When confronted with challenges, we often push aside this reality and fall back into the same misconception we hold onto: the belief that we are isolated and powerless. Since the days when my kind-hearted grandmother lovingly adorned me in attire fit for "visiting God's House" on Sundays, a profound truth has been ingrained in me – one that I personally hold as the most significant blessing in this life: the Omnipresence of Divine Protection. In His boundless love for His Creation, the Creator stands vigilant. I can attest that I have sensed this Presence throughout my Journey thus far. Despite moments of vulnerability, uncertainty, resistance, and unanswerable questions, I persevered and reaffirmed my belief. I am under Protection. Undoubtedly, this earthly Journey is real, and it may not always be the easiest, especially if we have distinct benchmarks for our aspirations. It might not be the most challenging either, as it's all relative. This experience is like a hologram, complex and transcending the precise grasp of the human mind. And over time, it becomes unsatisfying and frustrating, unquestionably. This is precisely why Supreme Knowledge directs us, sending messages, messengers, spiritual guides and Divine Help on our Path. It serves as a reminder that we are not alone and that everything in Existence is interconnected and interrelated. We are UNITY. We are WHOLE. This Divine Guidance arrives not only during critical moments but also in times when life may seem perfect but feels stagnant, like a place where nothing flows and nothing blossoms.

In my current stage of the Spiritual Journey, I paused to reflect on 16 synonyms and 16 names that, in my view, encompass the essence of Divine Guidance. This occurrence is a striking coincidence, once again reaffirming my understanding. The number 16 holds significance in various fields like numerology and mysticism, and it also relates to Uranus, known for ushering in innovation and unveiling truth. It marks a departure from more restrictive foundations and beliefs that have previously confined our potential within a mental construct. In practical terms, 16 signifies liberation and those profound "a-ha moments," often symbolically equated to finding solace in "God's house." It's a testament to our profound protection. Through these words, I aim to offer insights into the Spiritual Guides I've encountered on my Journey. My intention is not to sway or prescribe Paths for anyone. This is merely a personal revelation, and perhaps some of you will resonate with certain names that have sparked inspiration at specific moments in your own lives. This tribute is a humble acknowledgment, insufficient to express the depth of gratitude I hold for these Mentors. I hold them in infinite honor.

The linguistic heritage of humanity has adopted countless names for these bearers of the language of Kindness, among which the following caught my attention: messengers, ancestral spirits, Guardian Angels, spiritual advisors, spiritual leaders, peaceful workers, sages, gurus, mentors, mystics, spiritual guides, spiritual teachers, healers, authors, spiritual masters and shamans. Regardless of the label attributed to them in Connection with each of us, I've come to understand that as long as I focus on their fundamental role – that of accepting and embracing us as we are – the conflict stemming from categorization and comparison diminishes, giving way to a deeper comprehension. My dear ones, it matters not what origins and foundations they have, so long as they advocate for Kindness and Love. We can easily recognize them by the absence of conflict in their actions and words.They simply exist, offering protection even amidst adversity. The intimate connection they offer, be it through prayer, written word, or other virtual means, brings a sense of protective serenity and clarity to our minds, bodies, and souls. Through them, God, Source, or Divinity (however one chooses to perceive it), speaks.

This timeline is constructed in such a way, based on the order in which they appeared and I received them in my Journey.

1. JESUS - There is a place of Connection within our being with the Source of Life. We have all tried to describe it, to experience it, to touch it. We embarked on a quest, frequently experiencing a sense of disorientation. We sought Light, Meaning, Belonging, Truth, Eternal Existence. This place has been discovered by countless spiritual practitioners, in a space very close to the heart. Others have practiced gratitude for each breath every morning and thus recognized their origins. Not a few have connected to Energy and understood UNITY. Many have been inspired to create and thus became misunderstood artists. I have heard countless times of people sending prayers to the Divinity or to other people for their protection, gratitude, or suffering. And then they witnessed miracles. Their prayers were heard, indeed. How could I renounce something that is the very essence of our Being, our very Existence, in every breath and often in the Word itself? Him - the Calling. From here, my very foundation was constructed, rooted in the Word that resonated within. It didn't stem from the intellect, but rather from the depths of the soul. It didn't rely on dissecting arguments, but on honoring His enriching teachings, so harmless and full of Love. A Love for the entire Ocean with all its waves. A Love and a work of colossal Kindness. The Gentle Word has often guided me. The most profound lesson I carry with me, engraved in my heart, remains: "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mt. 22, 39). In the moments when I loved myself the least, I hurt others the most. When I struggled to accept myself, it seems that others found it equally challenging. I do not know when a mortal being truly learns the self-love that Jesus always spoke of so gently. Nevertheless, I sense it harmonizes closely with our journey. It is not a pedestal we reach, it is just a continuity and an infinite work. To me, self-love embodies the very essence of the Journey. Thus spoke He, the Teacher. I humbly bow.

2. Mircea Eliade (1907 - 1986) — I confess that during my adolescent years, while reading Eliade, I too dreamt of a love story of great significance — or so I believed at the time — much like in the novel Maitreyi. However, it was an impossible love, severed by unjust social hierarchies and by the desire of that unhealed voice within each of us, still yearning to confine the sacred field of love, of spirit, of the abstract, of the indefinable into concepts, definitions, classifications, and linear notions. How can we describe Love? How can we impose rules on expressing Kindness? How do we believe we can silence the voice of the Spirit, insisting that we don't believe in the existence of this Force? How can we describe Forgiveness? Or Compassion? And yet, all of humanity has attempted to do so throughout Existence. Perhaps we are still immersed in truths that dwell in the soul, unbounded by any limitations. Ultimately, how could we contain all the oxygen in a room and prevent it from dissipating? During that time, I came to understand that Love is universal. It exists everywhere in its myriad forms, unrestricted by boundaries. We may separate physical bodies, but the heart remains interconnected. Mircea Eliade, through this novel, shares partial journal entries from his experiences in India, marking the inception of his Spiritual Journey. Over the years, this Romanian fiction writer evolved into a professor and historian of religions at the University of Chicago, where he assumed a teaching role and authored significant works like "The History of Religious Ideas and Beliefs - spanning 5 volumes from the Stone Age to the present." Although I didn't always fully grasp the depth of his knowledge, I now revisit it with a sense of appreciation. His writings drew me closer to people and offered insights into their faith. He was, indeed, a pioneer in introducing the concept of practicing Yoga, during the late '90s when Romania was just beginning to explore it, while remaining somewhat skeptical. He also introduced books into my library that were once incomprehensible to me, delving into uncharted territories such as Alchemy and Shamanism. Today, I'm revisiting them, page by page, and I find myself increasingly enriched. I express my gratitude to this author for continuing to share his gifts, even when his father had concerns due to his severe myopia. Through his academic writings, the world no longer appeared divided, but rather I recognized the vastness of the Ocean, realizing it is one and the same.

3. Paulo Coelho - Perhaps a vast multitude of people who have read him always associate him with "The Alchemist," his most popular work. When I think of this Brazilian author, I automatically think of "Maktub" (A term with debatable interpretations among scholars. Literally, it means 'WRITTEN', but figuratively, it signifies 'THE PREDESTINED BY GOD'. It always pairs with the word 'muqaddar', which means destined. So, the phrase 'muqaddar wa maktoub' implies that everything we experience in our lives, on both small and grand scales, is already predestined and written to occur long before we consciously comprehend it. And yet, we follow along, having made our choices when we were "HOME".) I came across this Arabic-origin word twice in a relatively short period, around the age of 13. First, through a Brazilian TV series called "Clone," and then from the same book that provided revelations for many, "The Alchemist". However, I didn't fully grasp its meaning the first time. I revisited it during my college years. While Paulo Coelho is the first author who introduced me to profound questions, this introduction occurred during my adolescence. Even though he is primarily a novelist, his motivational concepts about the human Journey introduced a new language after the 2000s. It was the first time I encountered metaphors like "Personal Legend", "Language of the World", "Soul of the World", as well as commonly used terms like "signs", "Universe", "Mission", and "synchronicities". In admiration, I also chose a quote that has served as a reminder over time:

When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

However, as with anyone embarking on a quest into the realms of the Unknown, my exploration didn't end with just this reading. It paved the way for my search, and "By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept" and "The Pilgrimage" added further depth to my Journey. The latter even sparked an intense desire to undertake the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, spanning from Southern France to Northern Spain, a journey that lasts for a month. While I didn't manage to fulfill this aspiration, it remains firmly on the agenda for this lifetime, and one day I will embrace this profound experience. I can't quite explain why, but there's a sense that when someone embarks on a quest to discover themselves, they often start at the very beginning. And for me, Paulo Coelho represents the initial welcome of an eternal story...

4. Dalai Lama (14th) - I am convinced that many of us have encountered his profound statement at least once: "My religion is Kindness!" From all that written or spoken Heritage, shared by His Holiness, sometimes in collaboration with renowned authors like Daniel Goleman, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the fundamental message about Kindness has strongly supported as many people as possible in their Journey. It serves as a powerful reminder to all of us, as we often forget in our human nature, that there is no space more inviting than the practice of Kindness. By following this Path, we do nothing but rediscover our true selves, the selves that existed before they were divided by the various external influences, which often originate from the force of fear. What a reliable and transformative endeavor it is! As a child, I vividly recall the first time I heard His story. It has remained a significant film for me throughout the years: "Seven Years in Tibet". I was deeply moved, much like the Austrian alpinist Heinrich Harrer, by the wisdom and philosophical outlook of Buddhism. I've delved into various sources to learn more about the life of this Spiritual Leader who has brought about positive change in the world. I discovered that he is the first Dalai Lama to venture into the West and the United States, and he was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 in Oslo. The Buddhist philosophy that underpinned his selection was firmly rooted in the notion of boundless responsibility and concern for both humanity and nature, as well as the interplay between the two, exemplified by His Holiness through his daily acts of compassion. During my college years, I once confided in a close friend about my aspiration to meet Him someday. I even came close to purchasing a ticket to one of his conferences in England, but life had different plans in store. Nevertheless, this didn't deter me from occasionally listening to His teachings and immersing myself in the tranquility that His writings offer. The revolutionary notion that He put forth, suggesting a potential end to the cycle of reincarnation, has had a profound impact on the modern world, especially in recent times.

What I extract from each spiritual guide transcends the fundamental teachings; it resides in the applicability of the environment they create. Am I accepted for my authentic self? Do I feel a genuine connection or a sense of detachment? Am I embracing a life full of untapped potential, or am I inadvertently building facades that seem protective? The inclusion of the 14th Dalai Lama in my relentless pursuit instilled a natural confidence, further solidifying my resolve to continue forward.

5. Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now. He is the father of this vision, who brought to all of our lips sayings like 'living in the now', 'being now and here', perhaps understanding what it means to be as present as possible in your life, in your truth. In my college years, I encountered these works - guided by my uncles from Focșani, Romania - to begin with the initial reading of "The Power of Now." From then on, I held on to a reading that was both captivating in expression and frustratingly challenging to grasp. Subsequently, like any novice, I initially set aside something I couldn't practically fathom. It was an acting teacher from Bucharest who reintroduced me to Tolle's "A New Earth." It's only at that point that I begin to absorb it, bit by bit. Despite my persistent efforts, full comprehension continued to evade me. I set the book aside for a brief respite, only to return to it with renewed determination. Finally, I managed to reach the last page, but complete clarity still proved elusive. Nonetheless, from that point onward, I came to the realization that there's no turning back. Something within me started calling more insistently. In his pages, I embarked on a new Journey. I wanted to believe that I had the ticket to access it, at least, although I wasn't sure if I would want to stay there or find what I imagined. Indeed, during that time, my mind yearned to scale mountain peaks and behold extraordinary landscapes full of tranquility, all while contemplating that "presence" frequently emphasized by the author. With each step I was taking, this journey was drawing me closer to the understanding that the Present is not a place or a time, it is a quality of your life, as you live it, express it, experience it. The Present is a reflection of YOU – the seeker, the one who experiences joy and pain, the one who dreams and loves. You, an integrated human being of "the Oneness with all Life". Perhaps, unnecessary suffering can be alleviated, as Tolle asserts: "Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary." I still reflect today on certain statements of his, and I always smile when I recall his words: "I feel very strongly there is an Intelligence at work in every flower, in every blade of grass, in every cell of my body." My perpetual Present...

6. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986) - I used to gather seashells along the Black Sea shore, and as the waves left their salt on my skin, the title "The Faith that Moves Mountains" by Aïvanhov became ingrained in my soul. It was a cherished book, a shared treasure between four eyes and four hands: my uncles from Focșani, Romania, who are the kindred spirits of this lifetime. Returning from the waves, I felt unsettled, driven by a thirst to grasp the essence of that title. My uncle gently imparted that the author's most potent message lies in the reminder that even a faith as small as a mustard seed can empower us to move mountains. "As small as a mustard seed" was a common expression in Jesus' teachings. It had become a proverbial saying used frequently by spiritual leaders to indicate the smallest amount. Jesus is telling his disciples they don't need an abundance of faith, just a little bit of faith. During that period, I hadn't delved into any of the works within the extensive collection of the Bulgarian philosopher, educator, and spiritual teacher, Aïvanhov. However, "the faith that moves mountains" and "mustard seed," these two potent metaphors, quietly became my personal commitment – no promises, just a steady connection to what lay within my essence, though it may have been temporarily forgotten. When I stumbled upon his teachings again at the age of 24, I became entangled in his doctrines and then relinquished them once more. My faith was in such turmoil that I couldn't embrace Omraam's guidance. Much later, upon my return to Dubai, following years of spiritual aridity, I stumbled upon an oasis (Nonduality) that nurtured my own "mustard seed". As I delved into Nonduality, I discovered that Aïvanhov mentioned and even had a significant work based on the foundations of traditional Kabbalah, "The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Kabbalistic Tradition." While I confess to reading passages that intensified my thirst for knowledge, I chose to proceed gently, turning each page without haste. In this apparent chaos, everything fell into place with a harmonious grace. Today, the minuscule mustard plant (the first thing) that was sown over five years ago in that Nondual Oasis (the second thing), encounters "a third thing" that not only nurtures its growth but also has the power to shift mountains. It proceeds with simplicity, unapologetic for its steps, never turning back, walking the Walk and recognizing the "I am" within the mustard seed. In his book "What is a Spiritual Master?", Aïvanhov tells us: "Masters don't arrive on this earth perfect." He emphasizes that they also face great difficulties, and it is precisely because of these difficulties and the will to do the Work that they become humble guides for those who want to follow. But only when the Teacher has done the Work and has the ability to continue the Infinite Journey.

7. Elif Shafak — Many have embraced her through "The Forty Rules of Love." Others have been captivated by "The Bastard of Istanbul," making it one of the most widely read and discussed stories of our generation. She came into my life with "Honour," on the day I marked five years of settling into my place in Dubai, and I came across the following passage: "She lived outside of the clock in a cycle of her own. Some days she worked there from dawn to dusk, preparing age-old recipes, experimenting with new ones. It never felt dull. Tiring yes, but not boring. Each FLOWER, every mineral, held a divine secret implanted by GOD. People often missed the clues. They looked at mistletoe and saw a parasitic plant that grew on tree trunks, not the salve for blood circulation that it offered. TRUST. That was what she needed to achieve. When life forms trusted you, they yielded their secret. Not right away, but gradually. Then you knew which plant was right to heal which ailment. Everything in the Universe, no matter how little or how insignificant, was meant to be an answer to something else. It was a matter of seeing. Jamila was a SEER!" That day, I was reminded once more that when I understand myself and articulate the inner source, I begin to perceive the beauty surrounding me. I felt, yet again, that I was in the right place, receiving the right message. I'm convinced that the most invaluable gift Connection bestows upon us is the recognition that we are fragments of one another, and each individual is a piece of us. As we collect these fragments from the earth, we become a WHOLE. Isn't this what the sages wanted to convey about drops and the Ocean? There's a sublime beauty in connecting with the person next to us, feeling a sense of shared experiences. Yet, the most profound intimacy is cultivated by comprehending a story outside of our own, and even if we can't directly relate or find common ground, we choose to remain by their side. This is where compassion truly begins. I understood my inner conflict, which I carried for years, the same one Peri had in "Three Daughters of Eve." I walked through the revelations of Leila's final moments on Earth in "10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World," and I found solace for the grief stemming from politically imposed borders between neighbouring countries across the globe, as depicted in "The Island of Missing Trees," which portrays the division of Cyprus into Greek and Turkish territories. It's the age-old dichotomy of this existence: division versus oneness. We all yearn to unearth the purpose of this life, with some desiring to exist separately and others striving for unity. It's remarkable how everything falls into place. We all aim to comprehend, externalizing what resides within us, in reality. Every spiritual guide dispatched into the world from the beginning of time, has imparted the same universal message: the genesis of reality starts within you. Only by redirecting our focus inward and engaging in inner introspection, we can reduce our questing in the shadows and minimize conflicts with the external world. Author Elif Shafak, fortified by a diverse cultural foundation and an expansive realm of religious, cultural, historical, linguistic, culinary, and sociological knowledge, has presented every reader with a fragment of themselves, evoking a sense of connection and ownership. They carry within them those words that were absent in comprehending their own narrative.

In her writing, she delves into life, exploring the entirety of reality without shying away from any emotions. Her works encompass tales of grief, of reconnection, of lives put to the test, and of the human struggle. Yet, they also illuminate the beacon of hope at the end of the tunnel, infusing it with purpose. Elif, as a novelist, seamlessly weaves together the material and spiritual realms, recognizing their interconnectedness. She is the visionary and writer who encapsulates human stories on paper, offering healing to the reader. This is because the Unseen is not our adversary; it merely resides where our heart beats, safeguarding us with the wisdom of the natural course of events. Through her worldly narratives, she urges us to have faith, emphasizing that every individual is a part of the same Ocean, even if the waves may differ. The undulations of the Ocean connect us, cradling us gently and aiding us in floating above the waves. And when we can no longer remain at the surface, we descend deeper, discovering its Heart. Elif Shafak embraces all human trials and tribulations through a multitude of humanitarian endeavors. She supports young writers, readers, and all forms of artistic expression. Additionally, she advocates for Kindness through countless written and spoken messages shared in numerous conferences spanning various topics. However, it was through a message she posted on a social platform that I felt a deeper connection with her: "So I guess it is in my genes, this melancholy I can never quite shake off. Carved with an invisible knife into my arborescent skin." Through this reflective recognition, I embraced her as a part of myself. Consequently, Elif led me to write without fear, to have faith in the natural flow of words, and to share them with the world, for those who seek to receive when they're unsure, when they've forgotten, or when they can no longer. When they recall that they are simply human...

8. RUMI, Jalāl al-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (1207-1273) — Some called Him the Dancer with the long white skirt. But they soon realized that it was not just a replica of the highly codified dance of Turkey’s whirling dervish ceremonies. This dancer was rotating in the same natural way that the Earth rotates around the Sun, finding himself in osmosis with the universe following the rotation of the movement of the planets, after turning on the left side, where the heart was. As He genuinely said in one of his teachings: “The very center of your heart is where life begins — the most beautiful place on earth.” Engaging with Kindness remained as such a unique quality which was elusive for centuries. It seemed like a mass movement, but it was just the simple work of a traveler. The verses of the Sufi Master Rumi pose a challenge for interpretation, even for the most agile minds, precisely because a seemingly straightforward poem unfolds into an entire odyssey. Awakening to read and recite, the entire SELF responds to an undeniable calling. Many have openly admitted that the comprehension of the transformative process dawned upon them while listening to qawwali (Sufi music), gracefully swaying towards the Unknown. They allowed themselves to be carried away, absorbing words that not only touched their bodies but also permeated their souls and minds, lingering indefinitely. In reality, they were already present. We constitute this very essence, and the verses merely serve as a poignant reminder.

Through the rhythmic verses, the tumult of numerous beings striving to grasp the inner voice gradually quieted. This longing is universal, yet only a handful truly listen to it from within. While ears are crafted for external reception, the soul, as the essence, resonates without reliance on instruments, embodying all. BEING SOUL.

I encountered Rumi in the same way a person comes to therapy-through suffering. Just as every mortal finds their way to a sacred space-through faith. I was yearning to return "home," to offer prayers, and to find healing." The Sufi's Way" extended its embrace, recognizing the tears that articulated my emotions: “I am ashamed to call this love human and afraid of God to call it Divine.It seemed like an eternity since I began carrying this within me. It felt ancient, familiar, forgotten, cherished, and mourned. It existed with me in being and absent in non-being. It encompassed skin and flesh, ice and flame, darkness and light – all within the void. It was my constant call for "home" and every step on my Path. In my journey now, I embrace this truth: I cherish what is, and it is what I cherish. I won't delve into the delicate topic of the egg and the chicken; I simply wish to present to you, dear reader, that not only can Creation not exist without the Creator, but vice versa is equally true. Somehow, the intertwined relationship between Creator and Creation gently nudges us toward a reminder we occasionally choose to overlook. There are no parents without the existence of kids, and there are no kids without the existence of parents. The longing and the pursuit in an endless Genesis, infinitely...

9. Samar Ajami — In her presence, I abandoned all other definitions and embraced a truly significant title: "Spiritual Mother." From our initial encounter, she took my hand and led me through this journey, having faith in the Unseen and intuitively understanding what I hadn't yet comprehended. She accepted me just as I am, without any preconceptions, comparisons, or hidden agendas. Her embrace was unlike any other, free from expectations or curiosity. Together, she and I embarked on a shared Path, and it was in that late April of 2018 that she significantly altered the course of my life. Within a page of my autobiography, which remains unpublished for now, I articulate the following: "There is more and more talk about people who are pre-introduced into a room by their own spellbinding energy, before making any gesture or uttering any word. In that touch of hands, in that warm smile and serene face, a closeness between two hearts was naturally laid. Her eyes were slowly guiding me towards the vulnerable, while everything was so bright and barely known to me, in order to accurately describe what I felt then. I believe now that it was assuredly a spiritual reunion from the first moment." Several years later, I came to understand that this specific moment precisely aligns with her concept of "I meet you where you are!". I find myself committed to the same Work now. We go hand in hand—the teacher and the discipleopening more and more to the space that can receive infinite possibilities of life without wanting to choose, to categorize, to label, to separate. Apart from offering me the space where I can bring things exactly as they are without filters, she puts me in a relationship with that immeasurable field of receiving all and giving all, called Nonduality. She changed my life. And this is the definition of Spiritual Guidance that fills my heart: "They come into your life and receive you because they believe in you without wanting you to do, just BE." I cherish this Connection for being part of my life, my continuous learning, and existence. I am aware that without her guidance, I could have aimlessly traversed the desert, searching for familiar paths to return to my starting point. It is very easy these days for someone to promise absolute happiness after difficulties. However, she refrained from making such promises. Instead, she shouldered every burden, aiding me in establishing a connection with each until I acquired the ability not to shatter or lose myself in the desperate pursuit of becoming someone else's notion of happiness. She liberated me from burdensome chains and accompanied me throughout my journey of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing. In the Union between myself and Reality, "the third thing" unfolded. It was a compassionate reminder that I am only human and that when my strength falters, life prevails. In moments of uncertainty for the teacher, the disciple provides support. When life perplexes, the soul comprehends. And when the student is lost, he is found through Divine Guidance from the mentor. Thus, we persist in our endeavor to embrace full humanity...

I have a heart full of love and gratitude, my sweet Samar. Finding you was what I call Perfect Timing. Having you as my Teacher and Spiritual Mother, was worth all the pain and everything I lost along the way...

10. Jason Shulman — I distinctly recall receiving a present on my 29th birthday, a book. Love awakens your perception and sharpens your focus on the person stepping into your life. You welcome them, observing the nuances and embracing their entirety. Samar Ajami, sensing me delicately, intuited that a reading capable of shifting my perspective on Reality could be the most cherished gift. Excitedly, she handed me the title on that day: "The Instruction Manual for receiving God" by Jason Shulman. I accepted it with deep emotion, though not fully comprehending its significance. At that moment, I had no inkling of what was about to enter my home. The founder of "A Society of Souls," Jason Shulman, acknowledged as one of the foremost educators in personal healing and spiritual awakening globally, shares through this his beautiful creations: teachings, healings, trainings, music, essays, and volumes—capturing the essence of his Journey along this Path. Through his contributions to Nondual Healing, Jason has guided us in comprehending him beyond the magnificence and intellect of his heart. He exposed his suffering and embraced entirely human conditions without resistance, pursuing a Path less burdened by the ego's suffering, where life becomes a place of trust. He globalized Spiritual Work, urging every individual to partake, dismantling human projections that led to the idealization and conditioning of those seeking it. Every human possesses the necessary resources for enlightenment! We are part of Creation, and "awakening," as consistently emphasized by Jason, "is the birthright of every created being." There is no inherent worth, no hierarchy, no comparisons, or material structures along the Path of Kindness.
In his words of encouragement, Jason urges us, saying, "Do not approach a spiritual practice as if your life depended on it. Practice as if it is your life. Let it be empty. Let it be light. Let it be sweet." And he frequently reiterates that "the hardest job in the world is to be simply and fully human." Over the past year, I had the privilege of welcoming Jason Shulman into my life through an advanced study program where he taught alongside his wife, Arlene Shulman—a radiant presence. He often affectionately acknowledges her as his partner and muse throughout their Journey. I consider myself fortunate to know him as the individual, husband, teacher, spiritual guide, researcher, and fellow Traveler on the same Journey. The experience of being in his presence and perceiving reality from that nondual perspective is incomparable.
Nonduality is the most compassionate practice I've encountered, and its effectiveness in engaging with all aspects of Reality has deepened my understanding and acceptance. It is the greatest blessing for the spiritual practice you follow to bring you closer to the challenges of being human, encouraging you to comprehend them rather than immediately seeking their removal. It provided the necessary space to receive each piece of information about reality without wanting to deny, destroy, or judge it, but simply allowing its existence. It is here because it needs to be. Staying true to the topic, Jason, through his Work, taught me to read every book, to listen to every theory with the heart first and then engaging with reason. Embracing everything at the nondual table, I comprehend that all coexists in the same integrated whole, forming an intelligently structured holographic reality. I always say this: "only a genius mind and a compassionate heart can meet every human where he is and bring him closer to all that is," and Jason consistently accomplished this on the Journey. I have now grasped the recurring message that Samar emphasized for four years, stating that through Jason's Work of Kindness, "we become free with, and not free from. Because a Spiritual Path doesn’t invent reality, it’s just pointing at."
Jason Shulman, in my perspective, is the Spiritual Master who with boundless patience and kindness, reminded me that what ultimately settles, is God.

11. Hafez or Hafiz ('the memorizer; the (safe) keeper'; 1325–1390) — the Persian spiritual poet and Sufi, entered my life as effortlessly as other spiritual guides. I welcomed it with curiosity, rather than resistance. However, I hadn't heard much about Hafez until one day when, determined to embark on the Nondual Spiritual Path and become a student in the Nondual Kabbalistic Healing 4-year training in Dubai, I noticed at the end of each email sent by our teacher, Samar Ajami, this quote: "Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that — It lights the whole world." Since then, Hafez's works have held a special place in my library. Frequently, I find myself on the couch at the day's end, surrounded by the ambiance of Sufi music, delving into one of his poems, uncovering fresh messages with each revisit. In the company of spiritual guides, our encounters often unfold in silence. Even when they are not physically present, their influence lingers. This is how we experience Divine Guidance, drawing nearer to God by acknowledging presence in absence.

12. Camelia Ionescu — During the most challenging years of my healing process, 2020 and 2021, I had a voice close by. She is from Romania, my home country, but I never had the chance to meet her in person. She possesses a comforting voice that attentively listened and provided guidance, particularly during a phase of my Healing Journey when I lacked a traditional healer. I understand that it might appear contradictory. However, recognizing that everything unfolds with a purpose, I consciously allowed events to align naturally, untouched by the influence of my fears. Mrs. Camelia patiently directed me to a realm typically unexplored—dreams. In our exploration, we unearthed essential insights that aided my comprehension of the subconscious space. She supported me in interpreting the diverse messages conveyed through dreams, spanning premonitions, glimpses of past lives, or, as per Freud's perspective, manifestations of desires preserved in the subconscious over varying durations. In her company, I ventured into a domain that, once again, through the tender approach of her work, facilitated self-acceptance during moments of perplexity without condemnation. It's acceptable not to possess all the answers, and it's acceptable to resonate with certain frequencies that are less "earthly," intending solely to steer the spirit in its evolutionary Journey. Thanks to Mrs. Camelia's guidance, I abandoned the belief that the mysticism carries a taboo label, something to be embarrassed about when encountering it directly. This comforting voice also provided solace when I confronted the concept of death for the first time in November 2019, following the passing of my grandfather. It was a challenging experience for me, highlighting the paradox and underscoring our human constraints when confronted with the notion of death impacting those we cherish. We often pondered how, in our vulnerability, despite being aware of our ephemeral nature, we act as if we've overlooked the fact that our beloved ones are not eternally tied to earthly existence. That this here, on this Earth, is not "home." It's simply a Journey, a stopover, a phase in our spiritual progression. It's a borrowed encounter that we must gratefully return to the One who bestowed it upon us with immense love and trust.

Maybe I haven't been the most devoted disciple, often resisting in my Journey. However, Camelia Ionescu knew how to stand with me in the same space. She never deserted me; she remained by my side. To me, this signifies someone who can embrace you as you are, with your complete package, without attempting to discard the less favorable aspects.

Last but not least, Mrs. Camelia was the initial person to uncover the gift of writing within me, supporting me for years to tread the path of words fearlessly. Ultimately, I heeded her advice.

13. Deepak Chopra — inspired by the teachings of Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as by Jiddu Krishnamurti and the field of quantum physics, is the founder of the esteemed Chopra Practice Center. Here, he frequently speaks and writes about metaphysics, consciousness, and Vedanta philosophy. His Journey is profoundly enriching, offering the world glimpses of his expansive vision. In his practices and teachings, one discovers answers that support a beautiful holographic process, where the once-perceived limits continually expand, imparting a sense of expansion to the spirit. I must confess that I am just beginning to explore the Chopra space, but the language, though new, is remarkably inviting.

14. Dr. Joe Dispenza — Another giant in the quantum physics space and a researcher of epigenetics and neuroscience, author, and creator of a transformational program, Dispenza strongly believes in the idea he consistently advocates in all the international retreats and conferences he regularly conducts. He’s a great believer of the human brain and a great teacher and guide if you want to eliberate your life from all the restraining mechanisms learnt along the way. His core concept is that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. To change our reality, we must change our thoughts and beliefs. Through meditation and affirmations, we can break free from negative thought patterns and beliefs, paving the way for a new reality. In one of his interviews that aided my entry into this field, he expresses something I can resonate with: "It takes tremendous courage to take a chance on ourselves — to turn inward, activate our hearts, and give ourselves permission to feel. To live from a new level of consciousness. When we tune into our energy from within, a whole new life becomes possible." Indeed, it takes courage to open our hearts, but we owe it to ourselves. We must seize the opportunity to evolve our experience here on earth. This is the primary reason why we are here!

15. Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) — As I write this article, I realize that I haven't read his most well-known work, "The Prophet," even though I have often found myself holding it. Everything in Divine Timing. And yet, I've ended up on many difficult days with Gibran's ineffably beautiful and sacred poems. His words of genius and evolved consciousness have taken us to profound territories of reflection and meditation. Recently, I came across some of his love-filled letters to his spiritual partner, Mary Haskell, in which I've found answers to my own story more than once. He confesses to her the following truth: "Between us, Mary, there stands an unknown God." Like Rumi, Khalil Gibran has been with me in suffering, understanding the love of God through human love, and, more challenging, human love through the love of God. We tend to understand a broken heart in the end, but can we hold a lost and never-ending-seeking spirit? In his evolving Journey, the Lebanese-American author supported human difficulties, and he often tried to offer his wisdom to the world. One of my favorite supportive sayings is: "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were. Let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls." Being free with what is...

16. Mark Nepo — In the past year, I've discovered more and more about the writer Mark Nepo, who, through his dedication to the Spiritual Path, has gifted the world countless poems, readings, teachings, and volumes, including his most significant work: "The Book of Awakening." I later learned that around the age of 30, Nepo was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, a struggle that helped shape his philosophy of experiencing life fully while staying in a relationship with an unknowable future. And this is the guidance—to help or remind every human to create a relationship with the Unknown, less in fear and more open-heartedly.

Towards the end, I would like to remind that there is no condition to be a spiritual helper; anyone on this Path can, in return, offer help. And we all know that in difficult moments, divine assistance is sent through various signs or people. Still, we only label those who follow a Spiritual Path as spiritual helpers, gently reminding you of why you chose to come here. They remind you that life is not only about what you see and touch but also about the Unseen, which we fear so much. Only those who can embrace the existence of both realities, the known and the unknown, can have an integrated and fully-lived life, not trying to omit a significant part of Creation out of the suffocating fear of the mind that does not understand. This Divine Help that comes through people who have chosen to awaken—because it is their birthright—comes through the heart, to another heart. It is challenging to grasp with the mind everything the heart contains, because it needs a compassionate surrender. And it's so brave and transformational for those who have faith when the light is not bright or perhaps entirely switched off for a while. It's not easy, dear human. We tend to forget every day the existential truth that resides in our spirit, and that's why God, in His Infinite Kindness, sent us these protectors to help us remember. What altruistic work they do throughout their Journey! We are not alone. We just need to learn opening up to receiving all this guidance—not for a fleeting moment, not for a dream, not for a specific goal, but for an entire, fully-lived lifetime. It commences with each of us, and they heed our call, rest assured. They embody presence in absence and absence in presence. Never forget!

Dear Reader,
Choose to receive the Divine Guidance!
You are not alone!

 This article offers Divine Guidance for navigating your personal Spiritual Journey.
The Spiritual Path

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